Astrology liabilities and how it impact in daily life

Astrology liabilities.jpg

Astrology is never left behind in India, where it will be a marriage, house warming, office opening, etc. Astrologers are always high in terms of liabilities or responsibilities. If you are the one who already knows everything about the importance of astrology and looking for famous astrologer in south Delhi, Divine astrologer is the purest place.

 At times when people get broke, disheartened when nothing is working people feel that going to an astrologer would work and get everything on track. So, that is the kind of image an astrologer in Indian society has. They are highly respectful of the community in term of everything, and by everyone. They are the people who are going to work as mediocre between the individual and the universe. While there is another part of the world that does not believe and care about such things, they focus on the work and think that the universe is with them.

Some of the significant Liabilities of astrologer on different levels would be:

  1. Astrology is included in unbearable fatalism,
  2. Astrology seems much closer to fantasy not that much logical thinking.
  3. Astrology might suggest misuse of its power
  4. Astrology is a very abstract language, and it fits in many other as well.
  5. Astrology does have any ideas or not having any clues from where the concept of working came from.
  6. Astrology never is a part saying of some interpretation of the used symbols.

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Astrology affect on daily life

  • Many people have the habit of reading daily horoscope on new papers or online, and it gives them the motivation to start a day. They are sure whether it is going to be right or not but the thing is all about the mind. So basically astrology is playing with intention and some relation with a start working for the person.
  • Astrology brings new opinions to life: Many people think “why am I like this?”, “why do I have t do this?” This why could easily be ignored but could not be neglected it goes on with life. Do you know astrology may have answers to your every why? Some people have a problem, and they do not know how long they are going to exist in their life. Some have issues like relationships, home conditions, family disputes, school and some especially events of like.
  • Every aspect is destined in our life which is why it is happening. Does single reason could satisfy the hunger of all your life long question- NO and never. Everyone wants to be superior and planner of his own life, wish to change and regulate everything on their own.

There are many examples of astrology which is proven the presence of one individual power which governs the whole universe. Astrology takes the soul closer to the facts and vision that we, humans unable to see from our naked eyes. Sometimes it is impossible to see destination which is just a few steps away.


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